Our Rates

Regular Outposts (Fry)

3 nights... $985
4 nights... $1040
5 nights... $1170
6 nights... $1220
7 nights... $1280

Deluxe Outposts (Kezik, Bamaji Single & Kezik North, Devils Rapids, Wesleyan)

3 nights... $1085
4 nights... $1140
5 nights... $1270
6 nights... $1320
7 nights... $1380

Bamaji Lake VIPs

3 nights... $1145
4 nights... $1190
5 nights... $1320
6 nights... $1375
7 nights... $1430

Rates quoted in Canadian

Rates quoted for a minimum party of four (4)

Children under 18 are half price - off the regular rates only - must add up to a minimum of four (4) full fares

Rates subject to change without notice

2015 Specials

Bamaji Lake VIPs

4 nights or less...

$920 - during specified times - call or email for more information!


Later in the year means BIGGER savings & BIGGER fish!

All above prices are per person / Canadian funds

References available upon request

Deposit Required:

We require a $300 (per person) deposit
Credit cards are accepted

Package Includes:

Flying, cabin, boats, motors, gas & check flights

Additional Information

Large Parties: Parties of 8 or more receive a 10% discount per individual rate. This reduction does not apply to the Bamaji Lake VIP  special and will only apply in the following instances:

Parties of 8-10 people will occupy 1 cabin. Parties in excess of 10-1 or 2 cabins Parties in excess of 20-2 or 3 cabins.

Check Flights: We have one small aircraft that does nothing but continuously check the outpost camps to ensure you and your equipment are all doing fine.

If you have never fished with Knobby\'s, a pleasant surprise is waiting for you!! We look after our customers - we don\'t just drop you off at one of our outposts and forget about you - we look after your needs on-site!

Knobbys Fly-In Fishing Package Plan

We Provide You Provide
Flying License
Cabin, Boats & Motors Tackle
Gas (no limit) Personal Gear, Pillow
Check Flights Life Jacket
Excellent Fishing First Aid Kit
Propane / Electric Fridges Coolers for Ice
Lights & Ice & Fish
Swivel Boat Seats Groceries
Sleeping Bags

Cancellation Policy

Deposits are not refundable. If a whole group cancels then the monies will be held for future trips with Knobbys. If, however, the group does show up then all monies received for that group will be credited to that party & then it is up to the people in the group to reimburse those who could not make the trip.

If you wish to pre-purchase your groceries and / or refreshments, please just ask.

Your Complete Satisfaction is our Promise & Goal